Enrolling Axis body worn cameras

2021-03-26Last updated

You can enroll an Axis body worn camera in AXIS Case Insight by docking the camera in a docking station connected to an Axis body worn system. The Axis body worn system must be associated with AXIS Case Insight before hand.

Before you begin

The following prerequisites apply when registering devices:
  • You must have an active internet connection.
  • You must be a member of the Manage devices security policy.
  • You must create an integration for your cameras.
  • The Axis body worn system must be installed and associated with an AXIS Case Insight account.

What you should know

The first time that you dock a new camera, the camera is automatically detected.
Note: New body worn cameras are visible in AXIS Case Insight, only if the Axis body worn system has been associated with AXIS Case Insight.


  1. In your camera management tool, import the configuration file from the integration associated with the camera.
  2. Dock the camera.
  3. Click Configurations > Devices and refresh the Devices page.
    Note: The camera serial number is automatically imported as a unique identifier. If a camera was previously added, it is displayed as either Activated or Deactivated.
    Your camera is now in the system and displayed in the devices list with the state New.

After you finish

You can now activate the device license.