Configuring the AXIS Case Insight dashboard

2022-02-17Last updated

After you have created some cases assigned them to the correct categories, you can configure the AXIS Case Insight dashboard.

What you should know

Only users included in the View dashboard security policy can configure the dashboard.


To date section: This section gives an overview of data added since the creation of the account. Total data storage is can be organized by category or state.
  1. In the Cases section, examine the types and status’ of investigations that your organization has handled using AXIS Case Insight. Organize total cases by:
    • Category
    • State
  2. In the Storage section, you can assess how your organization has used storage between the following media types since the creation of your account:
    • Video
    • Document
    • Image
    • Audio
    • Other
  3. In the Requests section, you can examine the total number of requests, organized by request status, that your organization has handled. It can be an indicator of the overall health of your organization’s request process. Examine requests by the following status':
    • Pending
    • Processing
    • Completed
    • Partially Completed
    • Denied
    • Canceled
    • Video Unavailable
Historic section: Examine these statistics and filters give you a more detailed understanding of the data your organization has collected.
  1. In the New cases section, gain insights into the number and types of investigations that were created over a configurable time period. Use this to identify trends over time related to different incident categories, or to assist with resource allocation for future cases. Configure the following in the New cases section:
    1. Click Category and select the categories you require.
    2. Click Time and select the time period you require.
      Note: To see your all time stats, you must click Time and then click Custom. Then, select the day you opened your AXIS Case Insight account.
    3. Optional: If you want to download the data, click Download () and select a file type.
  2. In the Storage section, discover how storage is allocated between the different types of evidence used in your investigations. Assess your storage needs over time and examine how much of each specific media type your organization has added in the past week, month, or other period of time. Configure the following storage settings:
    1. Click Type and select New storage or Total storage.
    2. Click File types and select the file type that you want to examine.
    3. Click Time and select the time period you want to examine.
    4. Optional: If you want to download the data, click () and select a file type.