What's new in AXIS Case Insight

2022-04-13Last updated

AXIS Case Insight includes the following new features.

What's New: April 2022

Import folder hierarchy to cases
Folders you upload to cases in AXIS Case Insight now maintain the same file structure, saving time organizing the folder hierarchy in your cases.

February 2022

Automatic case ID numbers
You can now automatically generate incident and record numbers to facilitate the classification of cases. Administrators can define the convention used to generate IDs and support the inclusion of common properties such as the date and other system properties as part of the ID template. For more information, see Configuring ID templates.
Video trimming
You can now trim long video recordings when sending files to the video editor. Choose to keep only the relevant sequence of a longer video and accelerate the redaction and review of the recording. For more information, see Trimming video.

January 2022

Sort search columns
You can now sort results in the Search page in ascending or descending order to quickly find the cases and files that you are looking for.
  • Name
  • Creation time
  • Created by
  • Start time
  • End time
  • State
  • Device serial number
  • Last modified time
  • Last modified by
Support for Internet Explorer removed
With the upcoming end of life of Internet Explorer 11 scheduled in June 2022, the browser is no longer supported by AXIS Case Insight. For the best experience using AXIS Case Insight use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

November 2021

Audio redaction
Support for audio redaction has been added to the video editor in AXIS Case Insight. You can now omit sensitive audio content from video and audio recordings. For more information, see Redacting audio.
Disable departments
Admins can now disable departments to remove legacy values when new cases are created. Existing cases that have the department assigned maintain it unless it is changed manually by a user with sufficient privileges.
Dropdown filter for custom fields
You now have more flexibility to collect information from custom fields with the new dropdown filters using predefined values that fit your organization’s needs. Admins can configure these dropdowns in the Configurations section.

October 2021

Notification contact email
You can now configure the email address displayed in system notification emails. Rather than include the email of the user who shared the case, a custom support alias can be included for recipients to contact if need be. Admins can configure this email address in the Account Information page.
Increased user limit on a few security policies
A limit increase, from 10 to 25, users and groups has been applied to the following security policies that concern file and case deletion and retention:
  • Delete cases and files
  • Restore cases and files from the recycle bin
  • Protect or unprotect cases and files from deletion
WebHelp User Guide download
Tired of printing topics when all you want is to download the User Guide? You can now download the entire guide from the homepage of the AXIS Case Insight WebHelp.

September 2021

Custom fields
Admins can now create custom fields for cases and files, allowing organizations to define their own templates and document investigations in greater detail. The feature also allows admins to change the names of existing fields to match nomenclature used within your organization. Once configured, custom fields can be used as an additional filter from the search page to refine the list of results.

August 2021

Export audit trail reports
Users can now download case and file audit trails as a PDF document. The audit report includes information related to user activity, date and time of each action, and a summary of the case or file metadata.
Configure who can create cases
Through the new Create case security policy, administrators can now configure whether users or groups have the right to create cases in AXIS Case Insight. Guest users assigned this security policy can also create cases.

June 2021

Capture snapshots from videos
The snapshot tool allows you to take still images from a video, so you can preserve and share a specific element in a scene. Snapshots are logged as part of the video’s audit trail and inherit the same permissions as the original evidence to maintain the chain of evidence.

For more information, see the list of video player controls..

Redesigned video player
When investigating an incident, reviewing all of the pieces of evidence collected is fundamental to recalling the events that took place. The redesigned video player allows users to playback up to six recordings in a multi-tile view to benefit from the different perspectives available. Videos can be played simultaneously or chronologically so that investigators can review different views of a scene or follow an event through successive fields of view.

For more information, see Reviewing media.

May 2021

Display assigned officer
You can now identify the officer who recorded files from body-worn cameras and in-car systems in your search results. The Officer assignment field can be toggled from the column selection menu as you configure the search fields.

April 2021

Configure search fields
You can now customize and order the fields displayed in your search results to view metadata most relevant to your search. Need to find a specific case? You can list the creation date, department, and record number directly in your results. If you’re searching for files, you can list the recording times, category, and name of the officer who recorded the video directly. The fields and filters you configure remain saved to your browser for the next time you run a search.

For more information, see Searching for cases or files.

March 2021

Officer video security policy
Agencies can now limit an officer's access strictly to video recorded from their own device. The new setting is configured in the security policies menu and applies to body worn camera recordings uploaded to the application.

For more information, see Defining security policies.

February 2021

Files auto-save
Files added to cases are now automatically saved as part of the case.

What's New: January 2021

Evidence and case dashboards
As organizations increase the amount of data uploaded to AXIS Case Insight, they can gain a better understanding of their operations through historical trends. The new dashboard functionality provides in-app visibility of this data. Current dashboards allow you to review the number of cases created in your account, the types of file formats uploaded, your data usage, and more. The data can also easily be exported to images and spreadsheets, should it need to be shared and reviewed by others. You can manage who has access to the dashboards in your account Security Policies. For more information, see About the AXIS Case Insight dashboard.

December 2020

Frame-by-frame on video player
You can now progress in a file that you are reviewing one frame at a time in the video player. This lets you analyze footage with greater precision, especially in scenes involving a lot of movement and activity.

For more information, see the list of video player controls..